Hey there, I'm Ariana!

You can also call me Air. Fun fact: every single person who knows me personally calls me Air, so much so that when I got a "real" job, I had to re-learn reacting to the name Ariana!


I do all the things: I lead the KW & Cambridge (and surrounding area!) chapter of the Rising Tide Society's #TuesdaysTogether, I am a TLC volunteer at the KW Humane Society, and I'm a full-time mama to my sweet boy, soon to be 2 under 2! All of this on top of being an artist and hand-letterer here at Booker & Tide. I also used to be a wedding planner at Hacienda Sarria for several years! I started this business after making the invitations and signage for my own wedding, and had so much fun that I wanted to do it for other people too.


Why Booker & Tide? The Mediterranean vibes and azulejo tiles speak to my soul, and feel so much more 'me' than the brand I had built as LoveWords Stationery & Signage. So I decided to rebrand! I created my tiled azulejo ampersand, and I knew immediately I wanted a name with an '&' in it. Booker is my son's middle name, so that was a no-brainer. Booker is a serious-sounding name (makes me think of a law firm!), so I wanted a lighter word to accompany, and Tide is perfect! Tide lends itself to the Mediterranean feel of my brand, and is also a nod to the Rising Tide Society and the community over competition quote "a rising tide lifts all boats". In short, Booker & Tide encompasses so much of what is important to me!

More about me:


  • I have been married to my high school sweetheart since the summer of 2016, and we have been together since we were 14. He is sweet, so funny, and a kick-ass realtor! (Ethan Smith at Royal Lepage Crown Realty, shameless plug for my hubby!)

  • Together we have a son named Everett Booker born in January of 2021 who is the sweetest, cutest little boy there ever was! (definitely not biased) We also have another babe on the way in August 2022, and a little kitty named Ella who is a real life Disney princess, with huge eyes and the sass to boot.

  • I went to school for Travel & Tourism, and aside from the people in my life, it is my biggest passion. My husband and I spent two full months road-tripping all the way across Europe!

  • Another major passion of mine is coffee. When I started working at Starbucks in 2011, I absolutely hated coffee. Fast forward to today, and I am obsessed. I have taken two training courses at Pilot Coffee Roasters, apprenticed under Hacienda Roasting Company's in-house coffee roaster, am obsessed with creating the perfect cappuccino micro-foam, and my career actually seems to be heading towards coffee!

  • My enneagram type is 2w3, which is so accurate it hurts. 

  • My ideal day is spent by the ocean or around a fire pit with all my friends and family around me and a cold hard seltzer in my hand! 


My favs:


Place: Locally, anywhere on the Georgian Bay or Cape Cod. Internationally, either Santorini or Switzerland.

Book: Anything by Emily Giffin, Lisa Jackson, or Nicholas Sparks.

Movie: I looooove movies, so this is a hard one! Currently, it would be Encanto. But also any dance movie, Mamma Mia 1 & 2, and anything with Jason Statham, Gerard Butler or Ryan Reynolds. 

Hobby: Cooking and baking! I could spend all day finding and making new Pinterest recipes. 

Beverage: If we're talking alcohol, anything light and dry is where it's at. I am loving the No Boats On Sunday strawberry rhubarb seltzer! I also love a good rye & ginger with lime and red wine.

Food: Basically anything that's bad for you! Any kind of pasta, brie & baguette, enchiladas, mac and cheese, chicken parm.. and potatoes are definitely my favourite food group. 

Music: Metal! No way, me?! I was the biggest scene kid in high school, and while the hair, makeup, and clothes didn't end up being "who I am, Mom", I never outgrew my love for metal music. 

Season: Definitely summer. I am always cold, so I would way rather be too hot than too cold! I love to soak up all the sun I can.